Get to know me

For every person, including psychic mediums, discovering their abilities is a unique journey. Our greatest challenges in life can often be a sign of our greater gifts, if we allow them to unfold. This has certainly been the case for me. Even though I remember vividly that I could see, feel and hear energies around me in my early childhood, I dismissed it. During the course of my life, I was guided to recognize that this sensitivity allowed me to pick up information from the people around me as an empath and psychic, as well as from spirits as a medium. Once I embraced my gifts, I was able to use them to help others and find peace within myself.


It all started with a personal tragedy that changed my life forever. I lost a loved one and experienced a series of losses in friendships and love in a short time. As an engineer and environmentalist, I was struggling to make sense of it all just by pure logic.

I was pushed to face my fear of death head-on and embarked on an inward journey to find answers. During this time I sensed the strong presence of my grand-father and other spirits. While I experienced a difficult time in my physical reality, I experienced an immense amount of love and comfort from energies around me. What followed was a spiritual awakening that made me realize the importance of connecting with my soul and spirit guides for comfort, love and hope.

This journey has led me to expand my sensitivity to energies around me and I soon felt that I can use it to function as a channel for people who want to connect with their passed on loved ones. I started practicing psychic mediumship with two mentors and offering personal readings. Through connecting them with their departed loved ones, I am helping my recipients receiving reassurance that their loved ones are at peace. This knowing helps in dealing with one's own grief and overcome own fears and anxieties about death.

The illusion of separation


In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, it is natural to want to make sense of life. As someone who identifies as Black and non-binary and grew up in Germany, I was constantly forced to question my pure existence facing racism and queerphobia in almost every place I go. For most of my life I struggled with allowing myself to be seen and a real sense of purpose, so I challenged my mind with difficult tasks like completing studies in mechanical engineering. Over the years, understanding my physical reality and coming into my own identity led to acceptance but I did not find love within myself.

During the time of great loss of people that I love, immense pain and fears were felt in my heart space. I was forced to feel all the emotions. The pain and the love existed simultaneously. For the first time I was able to connect with my soul and work through trauma that was holding me back from feeling unconditional love for so long. This was the start of a profound journey where I could sense the energy of love surrounding me and connect with the spirit world through meditation. By going within and exploring my own inner landscape, I was able to cultivate a deeper understanding of myself and my place in the universe. It was a transformational process that required patience and dedication, but ultimately led me to a place of greater peace and fulfillment. Connecting with our hearts and souls can be a powerful tool for growth and healing, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to have experienced it firsthand.

Being a medium and an engineer has given me the unique opportunity to explore different perspectives and understand how spirits, energy, and light move through time and space. I have learned to embrace my intuition, my calling, and accept the expansion that comes with surrendering to the unknown.

Trust and Compassion, for All.

I welcome everybody to my readings with an open heart and mind. My readings are a warm and compassionate space for everybody regardless of their background.