What is mediumship?

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirits of those who have passed away. It is a way for family and friends to get reassurance that the spirit of a loved one is at peace and can communicate with them. Through a mediumship reading, I channel messages from your loved ones in spirit. Even though each mediumship reading is different, it is always about healing and receiving comfort that your loved ones are still around you. How they show this is really in control of each spirit. What mediumship readings have in common, however, is that the focus is mostly on past memories that you shared with a person and situations from the present that confirm the presence of your loved one.

How can I prepare for an online reading?

To get the most out of a reading, you can set the intention that a specific loved one should come through before the reading. You can also write down questions you want clarity on. This helps create an open channel of communication between both parties so that meaningful messages can be shared.

What is the process of an online reading?

During an online reading we meet for either 30 or 50 minutes depending on your booking. In the beginning I give a short introduction how I receive information. It is open to you if you would like to connect with a certain loved one or leave it open and we just see who comes through. I share all the information I receive as best as I can. During a 30 minute reading I channel for about 15 minutes and stay connected with one spirit. After I shared, you will get the chance to ask specific questions or share what came up for you. I recommend to take notes during a reading so that you can read back at a later time or ask for clarification. During a 50 minute reading I will have more time to share information or connect with more than one spirit.

Who comes through in a mediumship reading?

Whether you attend a mediumship reading or not, please know that your loved ones are always around, supporting and guiding you. Everybody has the ability to connect with their loved ones, asking them for guidance and listening to your intuition. Unfortunately, we tend to dismiss or doubt what they show us very easily. A mediumship reading gives your loved ones in spirit the opportunity to reach you through me as a channel. When you have shared a strong love connection with a person who has passed on, it is very likely that they are around and I can connect with their energy. Anyway, it is important to note that there is no guarantee that a certain loved one shows up at the exact time or is willing to share. I would always tell you if that is the case and we can reschedule or connect with someone else. 

In which languages can a reading be booked?

You can book a reading either in English or in German.